Ladies and gentlemen,

please take a seat and allow us to welcome you to Tas-Serena Pizza, Pasta & Grill, a restaurant tucked away in the magical setting of Senglea Waterfront.

The Restaurant

This restaurant is situated in a splendidly refurbished 500 year old establishment which has withstood not only the test of time but also the bombings of the Second World War, which literally ravaged the surrounding houses and harbour area, sparing Tas-Serena as if by some unexplainable choice of fate.

 #3 of 10 Restaurants in Senglea

The stonework within this unique setting has been impressively conserved with high ceilings and stone arch beams that are still intact today. Tas-Serena’s versatility of style and location was also a source of inspiration for burlesque dancing back in the 1890s for which it was used.

Later on down the line, in the 1950s, it was also used as a uniquely-placed printing press. Indeed, Tas-Serena today not only retains but furthermore magnifies the historic splendour that it once had, and still embraces so warmly, unlike so many other cold and barren modern establishments.

Crowning Tas-Serena’s glory is the magnificent terrace that looks over Fort Saint Angelo and the noble Three Cities of which Senglea forms part. Here, one can find spectacular super yachts anchored in the marina, and can easily take in the almost surreal magic and calmness that its unique location so abundantly offers.

All this in one true dining experience – Tas-Serena – an experience that will remain imprinted as a truly unique one in style, service and utmost quality!

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